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There are so many great things about being a part of something bigger than you are. Sorority sisterhood is a powerful bond, and the core of that bond is your sorority family. Although you start as strangers in the years spent together a bond grows. These ladies will always be there for each other, will Read the Rest…

She’s a New Member – What Now for Me?

So exciting that your daughter has found her sisterhood home!  But what does that mean for you as a parent?  How do you fit in as more than potentially just a bank roll? Be supportive! There are lots of ways and things that will be going on. Homecoming, parent’s tea, etc.: If you can, attend these early Read the Rest…

She’s Going Through Recruitment – How Can I Help?

Your daughter has decided to take the plunge and go through recruitment! Parents ask me ‘what can I do to help?’ Here are some suggestions …

My Recruitment Experience

My dad tells me almost every time that I see him that going through recruitment and joining a sorority is one of the *best* decisions that I ever made.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

The NKU Panhellenic Council is doing a daily photo challenge for the month of April. Many of the day’s captions are tied into events on campus that day. Such as:Best Wingman = IFC Wing eating competition; Philanthropy Day = Day of Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash and Delta Zeta’s Turtle Tug; Go Greek = Grand Chapter Read the Rest…

Experiences Build Life Skills

I can honestly say that being involved Greek-letter organizations looks really good on a resume.

Sorority Life and the Unaffiliated Parent

I am now a HUGE supporter of sorority life for anyone. I have spoken to various parents at church and work about sorority life and can’t stress enough how is has enhanced Michelle’s entire college experience and what a big part her sisters play in her life.

We never stop working. We never stop planning. We never stop raising the bar for ourselves and others. It’s been a big year full of bold moves, and we could not have done it without you. Thank you for answering our challenge — and seeing the potential for the National Panhellenic Conference.

Conquering the world …

I’m amazed at how time has been flying lately. It’s been a few busy months for our family.  We celebrated Lane’s graduation from college just a couple of months ago.  That was very weird for me.  I still haven’t wrapped my mind around the fact that I am the mother of a college graduate.  Wow! Read the Rest…

A Message From the Chairman: Why Join a Sorority?

In its most recent report, more than 88 percent of high school students interested in attending a state college or university said they were interested in joining a sorority or fraternity. The vast majority of those young women who expressed interest in sorority life also shared they had taken college prep courses or were in honors programs.

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